Hi, I'm Myles.

Leader | Engineer | Autodidact


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Who I am:

  • A leader to my team and anyone willing to learn.
  • A problem solver focused on delivering business value through engineering
  • An autodidact continuously learning and improving myself and anyone other perpetual students in life.

What I do:

  • Lead teams and solutions to deliver business value
  • Specialize in Linux (Ubuntu, mainly) and Open Source Software
  • Distributed Systems at scale
  • Designing, building, and maintaining efficient and highly scalable back-end software and infrastructure.

Latest Post

Apr 16, 2017

Thoughts on Serverless

Ah, Serverless. That name of technology which strikes anger into Ops Engineers and ideas of unicorns and fairies to Devs. The very idea of something executing without physical servers is a foreign and absurd concept to many seasoned engineers in both Ops, Dev, and even in Management. To be honest, they are not wrong either. Serverless is currently poorly known but is at least getting better defined which allows architect-level engineering to understand the benefits and drawbacks to the entire continuum of adopting a Serverless-based systems architecture. ...Read More

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